Taken from a sketchbook entry dated 10 April 2018 at 7.30AM.  I also observed that the bus aroma was the 'sweet and sour stink of yesterday's socks'.

I saw this woman on the Luas (tram system in Dublin) between Jervis St and Collins Barracks on Saturday, 25 Feb 2018 at around 1.30pm.

29 Nov 2017, 6.00PM: I dug into the sketchbook archive for this one. 

7 Dec 2018, 6.20PM: This was a long and wide-ranging conversation, pickled with references to Zadie Smith, Glow and how the Brazilians (apparently) don't put anything down the toilet.

22 Oct 2018, 7.30AM: I've seen this woman and her baby a couple of times on the bus now.  Always early in the morning, always deeply concerned / focussed / protective.

5 February 2018: I dug into my sketchbook archive for this one.  It was the fact that nothing seemed to happening in this game that got me, although I'm sure it was all very cerebral and he was building an enormous log-based empire in some middle earth realm somewhere.

26 November 2018: This took place on the busy rush hour commute home last Monday. Nothing like a massive pair of headphones and a pocket computer for acting like you're here, but not really here. 

24 November 2018: This took place on the bus into town last Saturday afternoon.  The woman actually had two cats in her carrier, but Sasha was the one making all the noise.  Her 'canal' comment and the cheery way she said it made me laugh, although it does imply poor Sasha may be a rescue cat with a tough story behind her.

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